About Selby Soft Furnishings

Selby Soft Furnishings is a family-run online business here in the UK. We provide a wide range of high-quality upholstery fabric and curtain fabrics (plus all of the supplies, tools and guides you might need), for those of you who upholster, create soft furnishings or other crafts.

We’re incredibly proud of our fabric and handmade soft furnishing selections. Available in a dizzying array of patterns, colours and textures, we have carefully selected each material and meticulously crafted every soft furnishing piece to ensure both quality and value.



Each year, more and more people choose to make soft furnishings for their home and even are tackling reupholstering furniture. Some do it to save money, and others do it because they want to implement their own perfect “design vision” for their home. The main reason, however, is because home decorating is a fun, enjoyable and a rewarding experience.


No matter the reason, we aim to provide what you need to make your home a showplace, without spending a vast fortune in the process.

Our selection isn't the biggest online, but we spend an enormous amount of time selecting the very best end of line upholstery and curtain material to make available to you on our site. Every single material in our inventory is one you’d be proud to have in your home. Each one is hand-picked and carefully screened to ensure perfect quality. We do not stock seconds or damaged fabrics, and we will never stock or offer seconds or lower-quality material on our site either.


We inspect every metre of fabric that you order from us before we pack it up for delivery. You shouldn’t settle for less when purchasing material online, and neither do we.


We offer a wide variety of fabrics, from luscious cut velvet upholstery fabrics all the way to eye-catching cotton prints for soft furnishings, curtains or blinds.


As a family-run business, we take our reputation exceptionally seriously. Our name as a reputable supplier is at stake, and as such we pay full attention to every detail of our operation and will ensure that you’re satisfied



Take a look at our exclusive line of stunning soft furnishings, all professionally designed and made in-house with our 30+ years of experience in upholstery and clothing. You can be sure the quality of each item is impeccable.


Bean Bag Cubes – Made from premium quality fabric or vinyl, double zipped, and pre-filled, our bean cubes are perfect to add a casual look to any room and are great to use as seats (mainly for children) or footstools (if you’re on the tall side). You can select from materials like chenille, jacquard, and faux leather in solids, patterns or stripes; all you have to do is open the shipping package and enjoy.


Bean Bag Footstools – Our exclusive bean-filled footstools add another level of comfort beyond bean cubes. They’re not as tall but are just as durable, made from the same premium materials and pre-filled, and are an ideal spot to rest your feet after a day’s work while adding colour and pizzazz to your décor.


Handmade Cushion Covers – Fully reversible and available in an enormous array of fabrics, colours and patterns, these scatter cushions are ideal to put the final touch on any décor. Just a few of these will make your living space look like it’s ready for a feature spread in a home and garden magazine.


Foldaway Shopping Bags - A brand new addition to our website. These meticulously crafted shopping bags are handmade from quality fabrics and feature a foldable design which allows you to store them when not in use quickly.



At Selby Soft Furnishings, we’ve done everything possible to make it simple for you to choose the perfect fabric or soft furnishings.


We’ve designed our website for secure browsing and simple ordering. We’ve taken special care with the photographs and descriptions on the site, including the use of our DSLR photos taken in natural lighting, to make sure you see highly accurate representations of the product. We offer quick delivery with a wealth of delivery options.


Unlike other soft furnishing sites, we offer free samples of our fabrics to help you decide. There’s a limit of four samples per order (which we think is fair), but there are no “nominal fees” whatsoever. To us, free means free.


We hope that you’ll make Selby Soft Furnishings your regular destination, whenever you’re looking for quality fabrics for curtains & blinds, upholstery fabrics or hand-made soft furnishings. We look forward to meeting you.


Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests!