Top 10 Beginners Tips for Making Curtains - Selby Soft Furnishings UK

Top 10 Beginners Tips for Making Curtains - Selby Soft Furnishings UK

Making Curtains for your home? We've put together ten simple tips to help you get started in making your curtains. We also have a step by step guide on how to make curtains.


1. Avoid a curtain fabric with large and or complicated patterns for an initial attempt

Opt for a plain or straightforward patterned curtain material, as well as a small window and a standard curtain rail design to start. Remember, keep it simple!


2. Always buy a little extra fabric than you believe is required

The additional curtain fabric covers against shrinking as well as pattern match if applicable. The material you have left over after the curtains have been made can always be used elsewhere. For example, you could make some simple complimentary cushions.


3. Purchase curtain tape that is the width of your fabric twice for two curtains

In the UK, curtain tape is often sold by the metre so you will need to convert any imperial measurements into metric and rounded up to the nearest metre.

For example:
54″ + 54″ = 108″ = 2.7metres


Based on the above, we would need 3 metres of heading tape.


4. Don't forget Curtain Lining

Unless the fabric is thick and or has a blackout treatment, you will need curtain lining to prevent the light emitting through your curtains.


5. The Essentials Tools for Making Curtains

Tape measure, tailor's chalk, scissors, pins, sewing needle and thread are all essential tools when it comes to making curtains


6. When cutting out your curtains, always put a small T at the top of the curtain.

Even if the curtain fabric is plain, it will still need to have a top. The pile must always run the same way along all of the curtains. Otherwise, they will not match.


7. Add 6″ (15cm) onto your length

The added six inches will help cover any possible shrinkage from washing. Additionally, a good size hem will also safeguard against this. If the fabric shrinks, the hem can be let out to compensate for it.


8. When attaching your curtain tape across the top of your curtains, remember to tie off the gathering cords at each end

If you tie only one end, when you come to gather your curtains the cord will pull out, and you won’t be able to gather your curtains.


9. When lining your curtains, they will drape far more efficiently if you loose line the curtains

This is achieved by just attaching the lining to the top of the curtains.


10. Before hanging the curtains, gather them first, so they are the width of half your window

It is far easier to gather them before hanging.