Scatter Cushions - All Handmade in the UK by Selby Soft Furnishings

Scatter Cushions - All Handmade in the UK by Selby Soft Furnishings

Are you looking to freshen up your home decor year? Designer scatter cushions are one of the most effective ways to restyle your home, and it needn't require you to take out a second mortgage either. Take a look at our exclusive range of handmade cushion covers (or throw pillows if you're from the US), ideal for the living room, bedroom or conservatory.


Each one is professionally handmade and sewn right here in the UK, exclusively by and for Selby Soft Furnishings. We have well over 30 years of sewing experience in both upholstery and furnishings, so you be assured that our soft furnishings are always made to the highest standard and from quality materials.


Many of our decorative cushions are sewn from the material we stock, which is ideal should you wish to have some matching curtains, throws, slipcovers, or even headboards made up. There are many different fabrics to choose from in rectangular cushions, from the more traditional and lightweight cotton and linen, to the heavier chenille and cut velvet materials.


All of our scatter cushions feature a fully reversible, consistent and professional patterned design. Each cover is carefully cut out, (both the front and back) to highlight the best possible pattern from the fabric used. Any pattern, such as a floral pattern or even a stripe pattern will be consistently placed across each and every cushion of that design. All of our cushions are meticulously piped, with professional piping around the cover. Also, all of our pillows feature a tidy, zip opening.


If you're looking for quality handmade cushion inserts (pillow insert) to go with your covers, we also stock a range of down feather and hollowfibre inserts.