How to Make a Simple Cushion with a Zip (Easy, Step-by-Step)

How to Make a Simple Cushion with a Zip (Easy, Step-by-Step)

In this how-to step by step tutorial, we're going to take a look at how to make a cushion cover with zip for beginners. We’ve increased the difficulty a notch with this design, which incorporates a zip opening. It’s more difficult than our earlier guide on how to make a simple cushion cover,  which we recommend you try first if you haven't already.


The finished zipped cushion cover will be around 18″x18″, and you’ll need over a metre of fabric to create the pair. You can use either curtain or upholstery fabric, however upholstery fabric will be the most durable but may be more challenging to sew. It’s up to you which you choose.


This design will require a 20″x 20″ insert to get the best looking results.


Zipped cushion cover


How to Make a Cushion Cover With Zip - Getting Started


You will need

You will need:

Metre/yard stick
1.25metres of your desired fabric
Tape measure
Dressmaking scissors
Tailor's chalk/pencils
Hand sewing needles (and or a sewing machine)
Sewing Thread
19″ (48cm) zip
20″ cushion insert


Cutting Out the Covers


Step 1

Fold the fabric to approximately 49cm (19″). It’s essential to ensure that the material is cut straight before doing so.


Step 2

Take a tape measure to the centre and measure to 49cm (19″).


Step 3

Draw chalk mark across the fabric. Fold the fabric back and make sure your chalk line is straight.


Step 4

Once you are satisfied the line is straight, cut along it.


Step 5

Fold the fabric over onto itself.


Step 6

From the opposite side of the fold, measure towards the cut edge 19.5″ (49cm).


Step 7

Draw a chalk line, like shown above.


Step 8

Cut away the piece of waste and put it to one side.


Step 9

Open up the fabric and draw a chalk mark down the centre of the material along the fold.


Step 10

Cut along the mark, and you now have two pieces 19.5″ (49cm) square with the fold at the bottom as shown above.


Step 11

Cut across the fold at the bottom of the fabric.


Step 12

Turn over the pieces and ensure the pattern is flowing in the same direction. The top two parts will be the front of the cushion, and rear two are the reverse.


Step 13

Put the cushion pieces aside for now and return to the roll of fabric and measure 3″ (7.5cm).


Step 14

Create a chalk mark across the fabric and cut out the strip.


Step 15

Cut the strip into two pieces that measure 19.5″ (49cm).


Step 16

The two pieces that both measure 19.5″ x 3″.


Step 17

Now we have all the pieces ready for our cushion cover ready. If you didn’t earlier, pick which part you’d like for the front of the cushion. Remember to lightly chalk "Top" on the tops, as we don’t want our cushion upside down!


Sewing the Cushion Cover


Step 18

The top for both the front and back of the cushion have to be the same, now take the piece you have chosen for the reverse.

Fold up 1.25″ (3cm) of the bottom of the rear piece and pin it keep it in place. Now put it under the machine needle and sew a neat edge, this will keep the fabric in place ready for the zip.


Step 19

Once you have finished, remove the pins. Next, we’ll need the zip.


Step 20

Trap both the fabric and zip like the above and sew the zip to the cushion piece.


Step 21

Now you have the first half of the zip completed.


Step 22

Open up the zip and retrieve one of the strips from earlier that we cut out.


Step 23

Fold the fabric in 1″ (2cm) and trap the zip and material as above. Take your time with this part, slowly sew downwards. If you’re not confident, you could tack the zip in place before sewing.


Step 24

Once done, your piece should look quite similar to the one above.


Step 25

Attach the two pieces and close the zip.


Step 26

This is how it should look from the rear.


Step 27

Place the two cushion pieces together top to top.


Step 28

Back to the sewing machine, join the two pieces together.


Step 29

When you get to the zip, do a back stitch to secure the zip.


Step 30

Once you have completed, take the cushion from the machine.


Step 31

Remove any surplus from the zip strip you may have.


Step 32

Now turn out your cushion. A real work of art!


Step 33

Now repeat the procedure to make the second cushion and place the 20″ x 20″ cushion insert inside.


Step 34

Two beautiful cushion covers, complete with zip and easily removable insert.


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